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For more information, please send an email to: Uncleron [@] You can also call: +31 6 235 128...

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Man exhibited

In the near past, the Europeans did not scream to exhibit Indians, Negroes, Hottentots and others because of their exotic appearance. Also Siamese twins, trumpets, dwarves and so on had to believe. Man...

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‘Blind tour’ Tours

Uncle Rons ‘Blind Tour’ Tours The Blind Tour From Uncle Ron’s Blind Tour Tours is a tour of various musical stages. The tour guide will take you blindfolded and step by step you will come along the favorite...

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Bye-bye Amersfoort 19 February The man who helped Halbe Zijlstra theoretically and ideologically to handle the art industry, the economist Pim van Klink, has recently hated a hat. He finds that the artist is the economic pariah...

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